3DO Internal RGB Installation for all models except ANVIL (Late FZ-10 and Goldstar GDO-202)

This is kit is for advanced installers only. I am not responsible for damages to your console or damage to the kit. Each kit is personally tested by me and confirmed working before being shipped. This document assumes you know how to take apart the 3DO as these instructions will not be included.
There are many variants of the 3DO, I do my very best to cover all contingencies, but I only have so many resources. If your mainboard has something different or you are unsure please contact me. Make sure you read and understand Step 1 before any installation attempt.

Here are some install videos that should only be used as supplements. Always use follow these written instructions.

This Kit includes: Items required:

Step 1.

Please do not skip this summary step. Read and understand the modification you are about perform.
Board Prep:

Installation: Mini Din Installation: (Optional) RGB Board Summary HW1:

RGB Board Summary HW2:

This board revision has some new features that are not included in V1. Installation is almost identical to the V1, however you must now set the shift using jumpers. Click here for how to set jumpers for shift alignment.

Step 2.

Please choose your motherboard type for specific installation instructions. (ANVIL mainboards not supported)

Help, my motherboard isn't listed. Send me a message with your console type ie, sanyo and the encoder use. I can likely tell you what to do based on pictures you send me.