FZ-1 w/BT9101 Encoder Install Specific Instructions

This is kit is for advanced installers only. I am not responsible for damages to your console or damage to the kit. Each kit is personally tested by me and confirmed working before being shipped. This document assumes you know how to take apart the 3DO as these instructions will not be included.
When in 240p mode the BT9101 Composite and S-Video output will not work. This is a limtation of the BT9101 encoder, not the mod.
Verify your motherboard matches the picture below before continuing with the mod.

Step 3

We need to prep the board that has a non 240p capable encoder. Perform a trace cut in the two highlighted areas with an exacto knife.
Verify with a meter that traces are cut

Step 4

Install the custom flex cable to the GPU. Make sure the alignment is correct before soldering. The smallest amount of solder is needed when installing the flat flex.
Tack a few pins in the big center area first then align the leg into place and solder the 3 pins. After that finish the big section of the flex


Step 5

Check adjacent pins for bridges that are not the same.
If you skip this step and do not confirm you could damage the RGB mod board or the 3DO itself.

Step 6

Remove the protective tape on the bottom side of the RGB board, insert the flex and then mount the board on top of the GPU.
It is recommended to insert the flex before mounting so the RGB board aligns properly with the flex.

Bridge JP1

Step 7

Run a small piece of wire from the RGB Mod point H to the PAD of Resistor R146
Run a small piece of wire from the RGB Mod point V to the PAD of Resistor R147
I use small 30AWG solid core wire for this
Some board revisions may not have resistors populated in these locations.

Step 8

At this point the mod is installed. All that is left is to hookup some type of RGB connection and switch. If a switch is not connected to HzI the console will always run in 240p*. Pulling HzI low will make the console run in 480i.
*Some games run too fast in 240p mode. Its recommended to have a switch installed. This is a limitation of the console, not the mod.

If using Hardware version V1b, please set the shift alignment dips Click here for how to set jumpers for shift alignment.

If you purchased the optional RGB Mini Din kit click here for installation instructions.