DCHDMI Internal Installation for VA0 & VA1 Dreamcast

This kit is for advanced installers only. I am not held responsible to damage to your console or damage to the kit. Each kit is personally tested by me and confirmed working before being shipped out. This document assumes you know how to take apart the Dreamcast with basic tools as these instructions will not be included.

This kit uses Zero Force Flip Lock Insertion FFC for the Flex cable. FFC connectors are fragile and can be broken easily if care is not taken.

Please review the installation video. Both the video and written instructions follow the same procedure. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0c3iSYbLoH8

Common Questions:
Does DCHDMI work with X installed or removed? Yes, DCHDMI works will ALL known hardware mods. 12V removal/bios/sd-card/ODE/overlock etc.

It is recommended you go over the settings summary before starting the install procedure: http://dansprojects.com/dchdmi_settings.html

This Kit includes: Items required:

Step 1 - Install Adhesive backing material

Step 2 - Mounting the HDMI board this is tedious, take your time, you need a good fit on the HDMI connector

Step 3 - Installing the Flat Flex Cable

Step 4 - USB-GDROM in game reset prep

Step 4.1 - GDEMU button press

Step 5 - Gamepad & Reset Wires

Step 7 - Install Main Board

Step 8 - Testing HDMI output

Step 9 - USB-GDROM & GDEMU Wire hookup & Setup

Step 10 - Final Assembly

Step 11 - Final NOTES

Step 12 - Troubleshooting No Video after install